TakaPoint Privacy Policy:

1.0 What types of data we are collecting?

When someone opens an account on our app, we collect only the necessary information, like username, user email, and phone number. User password is not visible by us, we store password after hashing. So what is your password, we never knew. This types of data are only for user verification, we are not selling this data to any third-party company. For more security, we collect user phone identity. so that one account can only be accessed by one device. All the data we are collecting is only for our user experience purpose. and our business purpose. we are not selling any of the data.

1.1 How do We provide security?
When someone creates an account we collect the identity of the user device. so next time any request comes to this account will verify with user phone identity. so no other device can access this account. this is our main security system. we store user passwords after encrypting. so even our developers do not know your password. we provide a PIN for every request so that if a use is not with his phone, any other person can not send a request to the server. our server is well protected. 

1.2 How we use your data?
we can SMS you, or send you an email from our server. this is only for new updates and changes in our app system. to grow our business we use our analytics, which is collected by Google Firebase. Firebase is a secured platform for apps and web app. when we change any of the features, or if there is any offer, we will SMS you . or email you.  These emails will not be so frequent. Your other data are used for your signup and login. 

1.3 Changes of the privacy policy
we can change any of the terms used in this privacy policy not harming our app user.  we can change or remove or add any others terms in our privacy policy. Then this will only be to ensure more security or to grow our business.